Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Mine was both wonderfully relaxing and productive. Saturday morning we decided to plow through a small list of errands (and I am so thankful that we just got them over with), which included a trip to a few clothing stores and the supermarket. It really is the best feeling to get the biggest/most stressful part of your weekend done with right off the bat!

I was (and still kind of am) desperately in need of new winter clothes, especially sweaters, and boots. I managed to find a couple sweaters I was happy with, but the winter boot search continues to be a bust. I’ve tried out a few that I’ve ordered online (both North Face), but neither pair fit that great–one was too big, one too small (I don’t even get how that’s possible, they’re the same size and brand!), and the couple places I looked around Madison didn’t have much of a selection. Anyone have any snow boot recommendations?

Sunday morning I treated us to bacon pancakes, based on this SUPER awesome pancake recipe. Love, love, love it. And bacon. I made a few pancakes with a whole bacon slice in them (below), a couple with crumbled bacon, and the rest plain. Served with real maple syrup, a banana (to lighten things up a bit), and a chai latte on the side. Now that’s a beautiful breakfast!


I spent a good chunk of the morning and afternoon in the kitchen, and around noon I started making a batch of chili referencing this recipe from Kath Eats Real Food (KERF was actually one of the first food/healthy living blogs I ever followed, and is still one of my favorites). Key ingredients included kidney and great northern beans, stew meat, corn, peppers, and lots of tomatoes.


We gobbled up large helpings as a late lunch while watching the Packer game (Go Pack Go!). I topped the bowl above with cheddar romano soup crackers that I found at HyVee on Saturday. Normally I’d add some cheese to my chili, but I liked these as a crunchy, flavorful option instead. This made a huge pot, so I’m looking forward to having many leftovers for lunches this week.

I spent the rest of the day reading (Cooking for Geeks and No Place to Hide are two books I’m working on right now),


and planning my contribution to our family’s Thanksgiving celebration. I’m going to make these apple cider caramels (which I also made for Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts last year and were a huge hit), and I’ll be preparing a cheese platter with some of our favorite Wisconsin cheeses. More on that to come!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions and foods?


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