Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having a good week leading up to the holidays. Yesterday was my last day of work for the week, so I’m looking forward to some good relaxation + family time the rest of the week!

I just received a new Stitch Fix (referral link) box this week and have been pondering what to keep and return. I always love seeing what others have received, so I thought it would be fun to share my pieces with you all! For anyone unfamiliar, Stitch Fix is an online styling subscription service. You setup a style profile, and from there a stylist selects and sends you five pieces that you can either choose to keep or send back. If you keep all five, you receive a 25% discount. I’ve never actually kept all five items (this is my fourth fix, and I’ve keep 2/5, 2/5 and 0/5 of the first three). You pay a $20 fee upfront, which is then applied to any of the pieces you end up buying. For the most part I’ve always found something I loved, and it’s so fun to see what someone else will pick out for me to wear.

(Apologies in advance for the poor image quality.)


Eldina Colorblocked Sweater – RETURN


Oh my gosh, I love this top so much. It’s made from a cashmere blend and is so incredibly comfy. I probably have enough black and gray items in my closet already, but that’s irrelevant. However, I just couldn’t justify the price ($128, eek!). Plus with the dry clean only label, I have to send it back.


Dillon Knit Sweater – RETURN


I asked my stylist for some cozy sweaters for cold days this winter, and she did do a great job of fulfilling that. But I’m just not feeling this sweater. It looks about 4 sizes too big and isn’t flattering at all. I do love the marled knit pattern though, so it’s a shame it didn’t fit better.


Analisa Twisted Seam Mixed Knit Sweater – RETURN


(Our Christmas tree is poking out on the left!)

When I initially pulled this sweater out of the box, I really didn’t like it. I tried it on again later, and ended up having mixed feelings. The combination of patterns is fun, and again, I really do love the marled knit (I’m sensing a theme here). But I didn’t care for how short it was in front, the boxy-ness, or the large neck, so in the end I decided no.

The price factor actually helped a lot in my on-the-fence uncertainty about a couple of these. The prices aren’t insane (and you have some control over requesting price ranges for your items), but the clothes still cost enough that if I don’t really love them, they’re not worth keeping.


Anita Ponte Pant – KEEP


It’s hard to tell from this photo (darn lighting), but these super comfy jeggings are a beautiful maroon color. I’m excited to pair them with some of my cool weather tops and sweaters to add a pop of color. This was actually the first pair of bottoms I’ve gotten from Stitch Fix, and I wasn’t sure how well they’d fit. Thankfully these are incredibly stretchy and will even accommodate some space around the waist if I happen to indulge in treats a bit too much over the holidays. :)


Dorina Crochet Back Dolman Top – KEEP


This is a definite keeper! I love all things lace, which has been sorely missing from my winter closet. The front of the top is pretty plain, but the back completely makes up for it. I was satisfied with the price, so this was a done deal.


What do you think of the pieces in my Fix? What would you have kept or returned?


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