We got our first real dusting of snow this weekend (meaning it actually stuck to the ground instead of melting), so it looks like winter is here to stay.


The cold is not my favorite thing at all (and even that’s an exaggeration). Luckily I did just make one of the best investments of my life by purchasing this super cozy warm down jacket. So at least being wrapped up in that is something to look forward to when going outside. :)

Since going outside this weekend wasn’t a very appealing option, I spent most of it cuddled up indoors. Sunday morning I did venture out for a (heated!) yoga flow class, which felt great to stretch out sore muscles from a BodyPump class I took earlier in the week.

I’ve decided that one of the best parts about working out during the winter is that it’s one of the only ways I can get myself feeling really warm. My body has a tendency to run cold, so even when I’m bundled up I’ll often feel chilled. So for me that reason right there is motivation enough to get up and moving!

Here’s a quick rundown of some of my favorite eats from the past week or so, starting with breakfasts.

I love me some avocados, so a couple mornings last week I had half of an avocado on whole wheat toast, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt. And you can just see a fried egg and a slice of bacon peeking out from the corner!


Another morning was half of a pear (mm, so happy that they’re in season right now), half of a bagel with cream cheese, and scrambled eggs.


Saturday morning we hit up Bradbury’s for brunch, which has the best crepes in town. I usually order a savory crepe (they also have an assortment of sweet ones, including nutella!), so this was bacon + apple + onion + brussel sprouts with a fried egg on top. Yes, it was as delicious as it sounds! With a mug of apple cider on the side.


I tend to pack a lunch or go out to eat about half and half of the time during the week, and one non-packed lunch day we popped into Graze. They have a host of delicious sandwiches and things, made from locally sourced ingredients. This is my all time favorite sandwich there: provolone, apples, spinach, and pesto mayo on a baguette. And ohhh my gosh those fries. Super crispy and amazing. Died and gone to fry heaven!


Earlier in the week I made this chicken and quinoa bake from Iowa Girl Eats that was sooo amazing. Super creamy and cheesy, and served with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. This meal also sourced quite a few lunches the rest of the week, and I honestly think I loved it even more reheated!


Friday night for dinner we whipped up another pizza, this one topped with oh so much cheese (mozzarella and burrata! Have I mentioned my love of burrata enough yet?), basil, and cherry tomatoes, all over an olive oil and garlic base. Really, really loved the garlic addition with the olive oil, so I’m definitely going to be using that combo again soon.


The chef at work, with pizza baked to golden perfection!


And wine for fuel. You’ll notice on the label that this Chianti actually came from Florence! Ever since we got home from our trip, I’ve been loving trying different Chiantis. This wasn’t my favorite so far, but hard to turn down a $10 1.5 liter bottle (thanks Trader Joe’s!).


Hope your week is off to a good start. And wherever you are, stay warm!


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